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Thinking About Hearing Aids?It’s well known that only about 30% of people who need hearing aids actually pursue a solution for their hearing difficulties.

Why? It’s likely that lack of knowledge and understanding of the benefits of hearing technology, create too much of a barrier for them to take the leap to better hearing.

As a result, the hearing impaired and their families suffer the fallout that occurs from untreated hearing loss.

“Thinking About Hearing Aids?”, written by audiologist Peter Slobin, is a great little book that can demystify hearing challenges and lower the barrier to investigating hearing solutions.

How? By inspiring people through the medium of a playful, informative, and approachable new book. Order your copies today to help clients who have concerns about hearing loss, make important decisions on their hearing health.

Coming Soon: Hearing and Understanding Conversation Better

bookA second edition is to be released soon.

Written by Audiologist and author Peter Slobin, “Hearing and Understanding Conversation Better” was developed not only for hearing aid wearers, but also for people who experience challenges hearing in difficult listening situations.

This book primarily focuses on strategies that assist in better understanding of conversation.